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NEXT Camo Partners With SYKD Hunt on Vindicate XVC Crossbow

COLUMBUS, GA – Digital Concealments Systems, LLC., designer of NEXT Camo, announces their partnership with SYKD Hun

t. SYKD Hunt now offers their Vindicate XVC™ crossbow decorated in NEXT G2 Camo™. In addition to their Broadheads, Universal Slim Crossbow Case, Universal Slings, and Rope Cocking Aid products, SYKD Hunt offers a ready-to-hunt package that ships sighted-in for a retail price of $679.

“We are excited to be working with the amazing team at SYKD Hunt, stated Phil Duke, NEXT Camo Pattern Designer and Owner. The design and features SYKD Hunt’s designers have built into this crossbow are simply unheard of for the price. When you pair the innovative design, features and great price point with our NEXT G2 Camo pattern, this crossbow package is a force to be reckoned with.”

“When we were deciding which camo to use on our crossbow we knew it was more than just slapping a pattern on product. We wanted to decide in that moment which camo company we would partner with. We wanted to make sure that we were aligned and like minded on how we approach the outdoor enthusiasts. We are excited to partner with Camo Coalition. Not only do their patterns look great, they function great as well. The versatility that Camo Coalition provides across their various brands is something that we look forward to taking advantage of in our product expansion in the days ahead.”-Joe Haddock, Director of Brand Strategy, SYKD Hunt


Founded in 2006 by Pattern Designer Phil Duke, Next Camo, LLC. is a proven leader in the field of effective camouflage design. Next camo patterns are the natural progression of his cumulative 30 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry. Duke was a pioneer of ultra-realistic digital based camouflage patterns having been one of the first to further the concept along with ultra-wide pattern repeat sizes which were an industry first. Today, Next Camo and it’s sister companies, Digital Concealment Systems

(A-TACS), and Raider Concealment continue to push the boundaries of modern camouflage design through constant research and innovation. To find out more visit them online at


SYKD Hunt was an idea that began around a campfire in Northern Pennsylvania and a brand centered around their flagship product, the Vindicate XVC crossbow. SYKD Hunt brand is one completely dedicated to offering an assortment that delivers both value and performance. You can find the full product line which includes an assortment of crossbow accessories, ranging from a broadhead, to a cutting-edge universal crossbow case that delivers both value and performance currently now available Get SYKD for the Hunt!

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