Phil Duke


Phil grew up in the Ft. Benning area as part of a military family and has been an avid artist since the age of three. He has over 20 years of experience designing camouflage patterns for both the outdoor and tactical industry. He worked for ten of those years with an industry leading company designing and marketing top-tier camo branded patterns. Afterwards he created a successful marketing company before co-founding Next Camo in 2006.




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Clint Hoover

Co-Owner/Business Development

Clint hails from Casper, Wyoming were he grew up it the shadows of the Continental Divide. From the Plains to the Tetons. Taking full advantage of the Wyoming countryside, Clint is a hardcore outdoorsman with interests in skiing, hiking, off-roading, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, shooting and archery to name a few. Clints’ father was a Hunting guide, outfitter and nationally ranked Cowboy Action Shooter (SASS). Being exposed to this kind of life style there no wonder that after high school he joined the United States Army and struck out on another adventure!       

Serving with the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment and the 3rd Special Forces Group as a Weapons Sergeant. Retiring with 25 yrs of honorable service.

After retiring Clint operated a tactical training company (Black Skull Tactical Applications) that caters to Military units & Tactical Law-Enforcement departments. Clint continues to serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the Southeast region of the United States.

Clint is also in charge of business development and is a co-owner in both Next Camo and Digital Concealment Systems.

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